26 May 2015

May Sketchwalk

This month, we explore the vibrantly restored neighbourhood of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street in Chinatown. Please note that this session will be in the afternoon, after lunch.

Hong Ban Pang will lead the sketchwalk of the area, assisted by Chris Ng and Andrew Yeo. Ban Pang can be reached at +65 9385 8391 on the day. 
*please refrain from overwhelming the sketch leaders with queries before properly reading up on all information

We will start and end the afternoon at The URA Centre, with the sketching area just a quick climb up the slope behind. 

You can fuel up at Maxwell Food Centre, or any of the cafes and restaurants along the two streets.

See you there!

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19 May 2015

We Draw Singapore Together: Exhibition and Workshops

We Draw Singapore Together is a collaboration for SG50 between Urban Sketchers Singapore and Temasek Polytechnic.  

20 May 2015, 7 pm
This will be a small affair for the exhibiting artists and closest supporters. Light refreshments will be served.


Runs from 21 May till 12 August 2015.
Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 6pm.

24 June 2015, 7 pm
This will be graced by a Guest-of-Honour, and y
ou can also join the event on Facebook.

30 & 31 May 2015
Places are still available for this workshops, so do spread the word to anyone you believe will be interested. You can register here and follow the programme on Facebook.

Update: The registration is close. Thanks for your support.

Singapore, a city rivalled by few and marvelled by many, was oft-seen as an ultra-modern metropolitan with beautiful skyline, slick urban architecture amidst lush greeneries, a bustling node with modern menus, swanky rooftop-bars, catwalk couture and anything contemporary. It is almost too easy to overlook the layers beyond the glossy façade. However, beyond these new thrills is a place with history and depth, contrast and unity, contradiction and reconciliation.

As urban sketchers, we seek to illustrate the dynamic city state that presents a smorgasbord of inspiration, both old and new, east and west, simple and sophisticated, nostalgic and visionary. From the smoky temples and heritage buildings in the shadows of skyscrapers to art-deco buildings amongst high-rise public housing in Tiong Bahru to a harmonious blend of cultures in Little India, Kampong Glam, Chinatown, see Singapore unfold through the artists’ lenses, showing the world every corner of Singapore, one sketch at a time.

We draw Singapore together. Join us in this journey.

Featuring artists:
Alice Lim
Ang Qing Sheng
Chanel Hu
Chia Kwek Fah
David Liew
Eve Tan
Erwin Lian
Fish Wu
Francis Theo
Ignatius Yeo
Jace Lee
Jenny Sim
Ken Lee
Kevin Tan Ngee Chye
Lim Han Seng
Lisa Huang Li Shan
Ng Heng Leng
Ong Whee Teck
Pacholo Estremos
Patrick Ng
Paul Wang
Phyllis Chong
Rafidah M D
Raul M. Saria
Sathyapriya Subramaniam
Somali Roy
Tia Boon Sim
Tan Hock Choon
Tony Chua
William Sim
Wong Si-Y

17 May 2015

Book Launch for "Urban Sketchers Singapore: Volume Two"

Thanks Parka for the video. Our second book "Urban Sketchers Singapore: Volume Two" was launched on Saturday, 16 May 2015 at National Library Board. Free copies were given out to the public who registered for the event. For readers who are interested to get a copy, you can like our book page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/usksgvolumes to find out more.

05 May 2015

Bandung Sketchwalk #25 video

Check out the video I made while at the Bandung Sketchwalk #25, the international edition with friends and fellow sketchers from other countries.

Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia and the country's third largest city by population.

28 April 2015

Submissions for upcoming exhibition at Creamier is now open!

As announced at the end of the Toa Payoh sketchwalk, Creamier wants to team up with us to hold an exhibition on Toa Payoh in their store. This will be the first print exhibition for USK-SG, meaning that it does not involve original pieces. All art will resized, framed and be exhibited as prints (like posters). The exhibition will focus on Toa Payoh only. This exhibition will last 1.5years with a rotation of artworks every six months (because it is a small shop). This will be launched tentatively in September 2015. These framed prints will be for sale to the public. If sold, the artist will get the full proceeds. If it does not get sold, the artist will keep the print including the picture frame. It being a very small exhibition, Creamier will carefully curate the pieces and only the most suitable few will be selected. But submit anyways! They are open to a wide range of styles and you don't necessarily need to draw like Tia or Don Low to get selected:)

If you are keen to take part , please follow the guidelines to submit before end May 2015.

1. Please note that this exhibition represents the works of the Urbansketchers group. So you must have attended a few sketchwalks and consider yourself a member before submitting.

2. Make sure that your sketch is drawn on location in Toa Payoh.

3. Scan in colour. Make sure your art work is 600dpi and is not blurry.
This is so they can enlarge it. If you need help with scanning, you can contact victor@trine.com.sg or tel: 64764533. Their office is at Toa Payoh near SPH and Epigram. If your file is bigger than 10mb, please use wetransfer.

4. Zip the file before you send it off. 
(You will need to do this if you use wetransfer too.
Right click and you will see compress "file name". That will create a file like "filename.zip".)

5. State your name.

6. Add a short description of your sketch
eg. hawker centre at blk XX To Payoh Lor X.

7. Email it to creamiersg@gmail.com

That's all! Creamier does the rest!

Important note: The images submitted may be resized, cropped and cleaned-up. But you will get the final say and will get to approve the image before it goes to print.

26 April 2015

Sketches from the Toa Payoh Sketchwalk

When you draw from a view that people don't normally see, such as from high up a building or from the ant's eye view, it has a good chance of being interesting.

Here's a sketch from the HDB flat. It's a quick sketch. The composition wasn't planned properly so there's a lot of white space by the right. *laughs*

This was drawn at the market below.

After the sketchwalk, I went to Tiong Bahru to continue sketching.

This one was drawn slowly. I tried to keep the watercolour within the lines.

This one was drawn very quickly. Just quick experimentation with colours.

I'm currently using QoR watercolours. Trying to finish using them up before going back to Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton.

- Parka

23 April 2015


Sketch By Milo Sudaria

For this month's sketchwalk, we are once again returning to one of the biggest and oldest neighbourhoods in Singapore- Toa Payoh. The last time we sketched there officially, it was before Epigram's first Neighbourhood book was published. Since then, the group has grown even more. Plus the place is just too big to experience it all in one sketchwalk.

We have two start points for you this time. So pick one that is most convenient for you.
Start point A 9AM: MacDonald's closest to Braddell MRT Station
Start point B 9AM: MacDonald's closest to Toa Payoh MRT Station

As always, sketch is free and easy. Go solo or explore the area with your friends. There are many interesting things to sketch if you poke around this neighbourhood. You may also need to do some research before you go because it is a big area. This and this may help.
But pace yourself so that you can return to the end point on time.

End point 12PM: Meet outside the Creamier ice cream shop at 128 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh.
Will will have our show and tell there. And we will announce something special there.

If you come late, just start sketching and meet us at the end point. We will be everywhere once the sketchwalk starts. No need to sign up. No fees. Just show up. Anybody and everybody is welcome.

Only one note of caution: By no means sketch any police stations or compounds around the area. (You all know what happened last time!)

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17 April 2015

Drawing small in The Perfect Sketchbook

Below are some sketches I drew in The Perfect Sketchbook, a small 3.5 by 5 inch sketchbook that was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, the sketchbook is not sold commercially and is available only to those who backed the project.

Anyway, this post is about drawing small. This is the smallest sketchbook I've drawn on. I like detail work and I imagined this sketchbook would be extremely challenging to work on. It's challenging sure, but it's a different sort of challenge.

Drawing on a small sketchbook requires some different skills than drawing on a larger sketchbook. The most important of course is to be able to simplify your art. That would be making important subjects more prominent, not sweating the small details.

Sometimes it's fun to break out of your comfort zone to grab a different material to work with, in this case for me a sketchbook size that I don't usually work with.

Drawn at Changi Airport

A talk inside a bookstore

Singapore skyline from the Esplanade waterfront.

Student hostel at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Singapore Art Museum

- Parka

26 March 2015


Sketch by Tia

For this month's sketchwalk, we want to celebrate Mr Lee Kuan Yew's life and what he's done for Singapore. So we will be sketching around the Padang and Esplanade on Saturday. From this area, you will be able to get a good view of the Singapore skyline and Marina Bay. There will be much to explore, draw and reflect on around the area. The nearest train station is City Hall Mrt Station - a short walk over. (10mins)

Meet: 9AM  at the waterfront outside the Esplanade (See map below). After a short briefing, we will spread out and explore/sketch the area. Start at the Padang, and plan your route so that you eventually arrive back at the Esplanade's waterfront at 12PM

Endpoint: 12PM at the waterfront outside the Esplanade. We will do our show and tell there.

Might get hot. So bring a hat. If not, there will be trees for shade.

See you there!
Taken from Google Maps.

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